Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL)

Commercial Helicopter Pilots are those professionals who have trained to fly a Helicopter. CHPL tentatively 1 year license program. In the following 1 year a candidate completes their ground class, flying training to get Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL). For CHPL candidates firstly complete their documentation process in which medical fitness is the primary aspect. If the candidate is physically fit then the next process is ground classes in any institute / flying clubs. After the documentation and ground class cleared then a candidate goes through with flying training of approx 150 hours.

When all the process is completed step by step then a candidate gets their Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL).

A Helicopter pilot is a person who has been trained in a suitable Flying Training Organization and issued with a License from DGCA, Govt Of India to fly a helicopter in Indian territory. The career is thrilling and presents its own unique challenges along with rewarding careers in terms of job satisfaction, money and career opportunities.

CHPL Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must clear their 12th standard with physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM) with any recognized board.
  • The age of the candidate is not less than 17 at the time of admission.
  • Before initiating flying training candidates must qualify class 2 medical examination by DGCA approved doctors.
  • For the issue of Commercial Pilot License candidates must qualify class 1st medical.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot License Course Duration

Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL) tentatively 1years of license program in which the ground class and live flying training are included. The total duration for CPL ground classes is approx 3-6 months depending on the institute /flying club where students gain knowledge all about helicopters and at that time they complete their modules. After that students undergo through live flying training of 150 hours on a particular helicopter and then a candidate gains Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL).

CHPL Course Syllabus

In the Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL) program there is a need for deep knowledge about the helicopter function and operating system. As CHPL is approved through DGCA and the syllabus also depends on the DGCA norms. Course Subjects are further described below:-

Commercial Pilot (Helicopter) Job Profile

There are some job profiles listed below:-

  • Navigate the helicopter on desired path
  • Communicate with ATC
  • Ensure the safety of Helicopter and its on-board occupants
  • Checking the Payload
  • Checking the proper function of all in-place instrument and systems