Private Pilot License (PPL)

Private Pilot License commonly called as PPL, as its name clarifies that it is a private license which means a candidate doesn’t fly commercial aircraft. We can also say that a Private Pilot License is equivalent to an aviation license that entitles you to pilot a private aircraft carrying a non-commercial passenger. The training of “pilot” is not easy, in fact, it is the rigorous training that is full of knowledge and flying tests.

Private Pilot License (PPL) is an approx 1 year program in which ground class and flying training is included. Private Pilot License (PPL) makes you eligible for private flying or in simple words it allows you to fly an airplane solo or with family and friends. PPL is an excellent way of fulfilling your dream of becoming a Pilot and flying an airplane. Since the PPL requires less strict medical and less number of hours to gain one, it is a blessing for people with unfilled dreams and those who wish to have a taste of flying an airplane.

There are primarily three aspects of flying.

  • Documentation
  • Theory Exams
  • Flying Training

Private Pilot License Eligibility

If a candidate wants to become a private pilot than they have to fulfill the eligibility criteria:-

  • The age of the candidate is not less than 17 at the time of admission.
  • Candidates must clear their 10th standard with any recognized board.
  • A candidate is required to pass the class 2 medical test to become eligible for PPL.

Private Pilot License Course Duration

Private Pilot License (PPL) is approx 1 years of license program in which the ground class and live training are included. The total duration for PPL ground classes is approx 3-5 months where students gain knowledge all about aircrafts and at that time they complete their modules. In the ground class time students get training through a simulator (If available on campus). After that students undergo through live environment training of approx 40- 50 hours with single engine or multi-engine and then a candidate gains Private pilot License (PPL).

PPL Course Syllabus

In PPL program candidate must have to clear 3 exams namely:-

Air Regulation, Air Navigation and Aviation Meteorology.

There are various subjects in PPL, that student will study to become a Pilot:-

PPL Career Opportunity

A Private Pilot License is a good career scope. They can only fly any other private aircraft or personal aircraft. They are also capable of flying aircrafts for joy rides. Nowadays the craze for joy rides is increasing day by day, so we can say that it has great scope in the future as well.

Apart from utilizing this license for hobby purposes, an individual can even use it to gain a professional identity. From Co-Pilot, Chief Pilot, Commuter Pilot, to First Officer and Test Pilot, these professionals can be best suitable for any of such posts.

The job sectors for these professionals are also not limited to one area. There are sectors like Airports, Pilot Training Centers, Airlines, Aviation Industry, Flying clubs, Security services, Flying academies, Military and paramilitary services etc., where they can play an active role in making their career shine.

Helicopter Pilot License Career Opportunity

There are several career options after Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL/PHPL).

PPL Course Admission Process

To get admission to Private pilot license course, the candidate has to follow the PPL Admission Process:-

  • To join PPL Course, a candidate should fill the form Pilot Common Entrance Test (Pilot CET).
  • After qualifying the Pilot CET Exam, students can get admission to top flying schools or institutions based upon his/her All India Rank (AIR) scored in Pilot CET.

Private Pilot License Fee Structure

The Private Pilot License (PPL) course fee is based on institutes infrastructure, training facilities, faculty, and other facilities which are provided to the candidate. The fee structure varies from institute to institute. The average fee for a PPL course ranges from 10 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs depending on the institutes.

Private Pilot License Holder Salary

The average salary of a Private Pilot License holder candidate is INR 10 Lakhs to INR 20 Lakhs per annum. The salary totally depends on the candidate’s skills which he/she has and the workplace where they work.